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Make Life “GOLDEN” for Your Aging Bully

Older Bullies are the foundations of our breeding programs; many have become legends in their own right. Our older bullies hold a special place in our families, and in our hearts. Once the show ring, production of multiple litters, and the stress of travel have taken their toll, it is important to make their golden years as comfortable as possible.

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5 First Aid Tips that Can Save Your Bully’s Life

On a recent road trip, I pulled over in the wee hours of the morning to let my French Bulldog, Kobe, relieve her bladder in privacy. After taking care of business, she trotted back to me grunting and snorting. As she stepped into the light, I quickly noticed that the left side of her muzzle had swollen to nearly double its normal size.

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All Hail, Boss!

We’ve all seen the social media celebrities who rose to stardom because of photos of their voluptuous curves or buff bodies dripping with sweat.

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Top 10 Best and Worst Human Foods for Bullies

Take a look at 10 of the healthiest “human” foods your bully, or other canine friend, can eat along with the vitamins and nutrients they provide, and the system that benefits the most from consumption. We have also listed the 10 most dangerous “human” foods your bully can ingest, and the harmful aspects and effects of those foods.

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For Rent: Pit Bulls Welcome!

If you own a pit bull or any other aggressive breed, you’re probably well aware of the headaches that accompany the search for a rental property that will accommodate both you and your furry friend. In fact, many landlords feel so strongly about these breeds that they generally aren’t allowed on the premises.

But former Florida residents and ‘aggressive-breed’ enthusiasts, Greg and Jade Rouzeau, recently did something extraordinary.

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13 Signs Your Bully Breeder is a Fraud

The hunt is over and you’ve finally found a bully that’s right for you and your family. Wouldn’t it just be devastating if as the years progressed, the dog developed issue after issue, which ultimately led to their untimely demise?

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